Are E Cigs Bad?


Electronic cigarettes are revolutionizing the cigarette industry and smoking world, with many more smokers choosing to turn toward the stylish, tasteful, and mess-free cigarettes which they can individualize to their own needs and preferences. Electronic cigarettes, although being more openly and socially accepted than regular nicotine cigarettes, still cause some to worry over their effects. Along with many things we do, try, taste, with these cigarettes we will be wondering are E cigs bad?

With electronic cigarettes, you have the option of purchasing ones that are nicotine and tobacco free, with these there are little to no health risks involved, and they offer a variety of flavors. Aside from the fruity smokes, you can also go with regular cartridges for the E cigs that have nicotine. With so many bans going up around various cities and throughout the world, over the use of smoking in public areas, more people are turning to a discrete method to get their fix. These electronic cigarettes are relatively new to the market so there isn’t much evidence or research regarding the long-term damage that may be inflicted from regular, every-day usage.

The E cig industry is a billion dollar industry, which only continues to grow despite the push-back from anti-smoking coalitions and activists. Are e cigs bad? Those who use would probably tell you no, that these nicotine-delivery devices are relatively harmless. Like with anything, it’s important to consume in moderation. This method of smoking allows them to get the nicotine, without inhaling the regular harmful smoke from common cigarettes. This method is a healthier option for your than choosing the harmful-smoke rendering ones. Millions of individuals smoke, there is no question that nicotine is addictive. The anti-smoking crowd continue to claim that this is just a gimmick to keep people addicted to smoking. One worry is that these cigarettes can be purchased without any identification, many say it should require regulation just like other cigarettes. Are E cigs bad? health professionals would advocate that you just quit. But if you aren’t anywhere close to being ready to begin the process of quitting your addiction, the electronic cigarettes are a creative and cost-efficient new method that you may find preferable.

With the growing popularity in E cigarettes, there is also a growing rise in market competition and various companies that are looking to serve a variety of smoker needs. Whether you want vanilla, cherry, grape, blueberry, there are a variety of flavors online to suit your nicotine needs. With a variety of illness that is associated with regular smoking, electronic cigarettes come off looking like the more beneficial smoking option. It’s mess-free, no toxic ash to clean up, and you can cater the cartridge to your own individual tastes. Some studies have shown possible evidence of harmful chemicals being present in the smoke from the electronic cigarette, however respected health professionals will continue to say that if you have to choose between one smoking method, either conventional or the new electronic one, go with the electronic method.…

Review of the Premium Electronic Cigarette


There is no question of the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes. For this reason, many smokers have diverted to something else, an electric cigarette or e cigarette for short. It is surprising just how many types of e cigarettes have been made. This article will focus on the Premium e cigarette, what it is, and both the benefits and hindrances of the Premium e cigarette.

There are many benefits associated with using a Premium e cigarette. There are numerous flavors that are made to a person’s specific taste preference. Some of these include mango, melon, blueberry, vanilla and more. E cigarettes, also referred to as vapes, do not produce the smoke that conventional cigarettes do, which in turn lessens the chances of causing those around the user discomfort or irritation by the smoke. Another sure benefit is e cigarettes do not resort to the need of tobacco in order for the user to receive an intake of nicotine, the chemical that provokes smokers to continue smoking cigarettes. Instead, the user inhales the vapor that is heated by the battery powered heating mechanism. This also eliminates the occasional problem of tracking down a lighter or a match. Finally, the Premium e cigarette requires no clean up immediately after use. There is no disposing of butts or ashes.

Research is ongoing whether or not there are hazards to using Premium electronic cigarettes. According to an article from Medical News today, it is not known for sure if there are any immediate effects, however if there are they are far less than the conventional use of electronic cigarettes. (Electronic Cigarettes Can Harm The Lungs – Medical News Today) Some people have complained of irritation of the eyes and throat, but there is no known chances of second hand harm. (How Stuff Works “10 Little-Known Facts About E-Cigarettes”) It easy to purchase Premium e cigarettes online and have them shipped to anywhere, even in other countries. However, the buyer should be mindful of any potential laws that could prohibit them in his/her area, because they are not legal in some countries.

The benefits outweigh the hindrances in using Premium e cigarettes. Though some research is still ongoing, it seems to be a worthwhile investment for those who are concerned about their help but want to continue fulfilling the need of nicotine. As long as proper precautions are taken and the instructions are followed, using a Premium electronic in place of a conventional cigarette should be a more enjoyable, healthier, cleaner experience.…